All About SeedFinder Co.

SeedFinder Interesting(?) Facts

Mission Statement.

It is the mission of SeedFinder to provide timely and accurate catalog information on all listed Seed Suppliers. We will list any Seed Supplier that would like to be listed here and will maintain a list of links to Seed Suppliers that are not listed here. We will provide support to ensure that both Seed Suppliers and Seed Searchers have a positive and enjoyable experience. We solicit suggestions on how to make this a better site for all concerned.

Who is SeedFinder.

SeedFinder is a small Utah Based Company who's only service is this seed finders database. It is only available on the Internet, at The web master is a certified Utah Master Gardener, and runs a small organic farm in Utah county. As of 5/2401 we have 2227 varieties listed in our database.

Last Updated: Thursday, May 24, 2001 11:12 PM